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2021 Grading System For Top Universities In Kenya

Education is acontinuous process that starts from primary, to secondary schools and finally to universities and other tertially institutions.

The university is the highest and prestigious institution of learning in Kenya and that is why many students strive to attain minimum university entry grade to enjoy the priviledge of government sponsorship although those who may not attain the government minimum entry grade may opt to enrol themselves under self sponsorship programmes.

There are many public and private universities in Kenya in which students enrol to pursue their dream career choices. The universities have a varying grading system for their students and below are the grading scales for notable universities in Kenya;

University of Nairobi

70% and above (distinction)- A

60-69- B

50-59- C

40-49 (pass)- D

39 and below (fail)- E

Kenyatta university

75 and above- A

65-74- B

50-64- C

49 and below E

Egerton university

70 and above (first class honours)- A

60-69 (second class honours upper)- A-

50-59 (second class honours lower)- B

40-49 (pass)- C

0-39 (fail)- F

Moi university

72 and above (distinction)- A

65-74 (credit)- B

50-64 (pass)- C

Below 50 (fail)- D

Jomo Kenyatta university of agriculture and technology

70 and above- A

60-69- B

50-59- C

Below 50- fail

Mount Kenya university

70 and above - A (distinction)

60-69 - B (credit)

50-59- C

40-49- D (pass)

39 and below - E (fail)

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Kenya Kenyatta University of Nairobi


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