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Zora: " He Must Pay" Nana Swears To Punish Madiba

Today's episode Nana was dreaming about Madiba. She remembers how Madiba once promised her to love her and never leave her alone. Nana dreams so romantic with Madiba. Even bringing him food but Madiba told her to put it down and start their romance. All this was just a dream

After the dream Nana is sitting with her best friend Odana. Nana is very worried and Odana tells her she should accept Oliver's proposal and become his wife because Oliver has never given up on her even after she decided to marry Madiba. Nana thinks is a good idea and she should try it.

Nana starts touching a chain on her neck, she tells Odana that Madiba must pay for what he did. Nana cannot believe Madiba left her just few minutes to put her a ring. Nana Swears that he should do something to Madiba.

What will Nana do to Madiba,yet he is suffering with his kids. Let's give out your opinion about this.

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