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MP Reveals The Huge Amount Of Money President Uhuru Kenyatta Pledged At South Horr Catholic Parish

Hon. Aloise Lentoimaga has hinted through his official facebook page after a fundraiser ceremony for the south Horr Catholic Parish. According to Hon. Aloise Lentoimaga president Uhuru Kenyatta pledged to 1million in the church account in the coming week.

Here is what Hon. Aloise Lentoimaga shared on his official facebook page hours after a fundraiser!

"This evening I was priviledged to attend and represent H.E. the President Uhuru Kenyatta at a fundraising ceremony for the South Horr Catholic Parish. The funds drive was aimed at helping the church towards self sustainability now that we are no longer supported by the missionaries.

The funds drive was a success as we managed to raise a total of Ksh. 1.9M with the President who has always been a friend of South Horr and our County pledging to deposit Ksh. 1M in the church account in the coming week. I will be following up on that.

I took the opportunity to inform the people of the steps we are taking to ensure emergency assistance to our people who are hard hit by drought. The government cash transfer programme is set to begin in the coming week.

Locally, Samburu North CDF will acquire foodstuffs to be distributed to laletas to help alleviate this menace. We have further supported water trucking across the Constituency by acquiring new tyres the Samburu North DCC water bowser to ensure that we reach as many areas as possible. We are further engaging other development partners to seek for help.

On the sidelines of the harambee, I issued the following development cheques:

1. Ntaletiani Pry School - Ksh. 1.1M for classroom construction 

2. Loonjorin Pry School - Ksh. 200K for toilets completion, Ksh. 1.1M for classroom construction. 

3. Nyiro Mixed Day Sec School- Ksh. 800,000 for classroom construction

4. Nyiro Boys Sec School- Ksh. 400k for yoilets construction.

5. Sumuruai Pry Sch- Ksh. 800, 000 fir fencing of school compound, Ksh. 500,000 for erecting gabions to curb soil erosion at the school.

I thank you all for your contributions and attendance.

I was hosted by Nyiro ward MCA Hon. Lemoosa during the event.

You can follow his official facebook page and read more for yourself;

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