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Tips For Second Hand Car Buyers In Kenya


f you have no knowledge on how to pick a second hand car in kenya, worry not. I have compiled a few tips to help you out when you decide to venture in such a field.

1. Check the mileage

The vehicles appearance and age shouldn't lie to you. You should check the mileage on the clock any reduction in the odometer reading by 1000 miles directly affects the value of the vehicle. Also check the dashboard for any worn out parts.

2. Avail the vehicle for inspection.

This helps you not to buy a stolen car. And it's also a good idea to check the validity of the vehicle's papers.

3. Go to a tupatable certified car dealer.

This helps and protects you legally as granted in the sales of goods and trade destricption act in kenya.

4. Invite a knowledgeable personnel.

It's advisable to invite someone who knows a lot about cars to help you choose a good second hand car.

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