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Kenyans React On Deputy President William Ruto's Scathing Attack on Uhuru Kenyatta

The deputy president William Ruto has answered his boss back. This is after president Uhuru's call yesterday for the second in command to resign. The hustler nation leader is at political cold after fallout with his boss and other leaders. Kenyans online have reacted on the latest move by William Ruto.

Through his twitter handle he has said that he is a strong man. He asserted that he cannot be cannot be bullied by anyone. This is a show of bravery which is needed in this country. The Kenyan voter tends to lean towards a leader who has a stand on his ideologies. This is what the UDA party leader has learnt and he is using it at his advantage.

Adding on his message, he has told Kenyans that he is a man of his a mission. His mission is to help Kenyans build wealth through the bottom up economic plan. The creation of jobs and small scale businesses which he has promised Kenyans once elected.

Most Kenyans online have reacted positively and negatively according to their interpretation and political affiliations. Some have asked him on whereabouts of the jobs he promised during the 2017 general elections. The laptops he promised grade one kids in lower primary and the stadiums in each counties.

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