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Who Is More Adorable Between Nana Owiti And Joyce Maina

Some celebrities and social media personalities especially those on screen are extremely beautiful. Their beauty is breathtaking. They are lovely, presentable and very attractive. In this article, we are going to look at two beautiful queens, Nana Owiti and Joyce Maina. Both of them are television hosts with switch tv. They are very gorgeous and are always in the list of the top beautiful media personalities in Kenya. They look presentable and their beauty is quite impressive. Let us see who is more adorable between the two.

Joyce Maina

She is well renowned for the popular chatspot tv show alongside Kush Tracey and Nana Owiti. Besides being a tv host, she is also a talented and an award winning actress, featured in popular local tv series such as Selina and Monica. Additionally, Joyce is a content creator as well as, a successful commercial model. That why she is a person of fashion. When it comes to beauty, Joyce Maina is also outstanding. She looks fabulous, right from the head to the tip of her feet. This queen is of perfect body size, and her curvaceous body gives her a perfect look. Her fashion is quite nice and appealing.

Nana Owiti

The wife to the famous Kenyan rapper is a journalist, tv host at switch tv, digital content creator, brand influencer and a maternal health ambassador. Nana is a well regarded celebrity, with a set of standards that we all respect. She is always humble and her smile is testimonial. Do not forget about her humble background, a true definition of light at the end of the tunnel. Besides family and career achievements, Nana Owiti is extremely gorgeous and attractive with lovely hairstyles. She also has a good fashion that is second to none. Below is some of their gorgeous photos.

Who do you think is more fabulous?

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