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TB Joshua's Last Visit To The Prayer Mountain, Here Is What Actually Happened

Even though Prophet TB Joshua is dead, his good legacies remains unchanged. It is the dream of every man to die with positive legacies.

During his life time, he was a staunch and well dedicated Christian, who gives almost all his entire period of time worshipping the Lord, or engaging in Christianic activities.

Some of the activities he undertook was, healing, Prophesies, deliverance, counseling, intensive prayers at the mountain, fasting and so on.

Hence he was noted for his ability to sleep on a mountain while observing intensive prayers and fasting for considerable number of days.

In these article, I shall reveal to you, the last time, the renowned Prophet visited the mountain and what happened afterwards.

The prayer mountain is a quiet area located in an interior villages, not too far from Lagos.The mountain is considered as pure, hence the reason why the prophet choose to worship at the mountain.

Also, Worshipping at the mountain was one of the habits of the Lord JESUS Christ (Founder of Christianity), hence it' s legal to worship at the mountain.

His visit to the mountain followed, after a failed Prophecy on Corona Virus.

Following the outbreak of the deadly covid 19 virus, TB Joshua in one of his usual sermon declared that, covid 19 will varnish from the surface of the earth by 27th March 2020.

His prophecy failed, because that never materialize, since the virus was still at it' s peak killing millions of people worldwide as at five months after his prophecy.

This compelled him to seek for devine interventions at the mountain.

In a particular viral video, the Man Of God was seen crawling on the mountain while chanting with God.

This was exactly what he was saying: 

" In the name of Jesus, we present the nations of the world to you, lord. Forgive their iniquities. Forgive them their wrongs. There is a cure in the blood of Jesus, " he can be heard praying.

" Heal the world, heal them of the fear of COVID- 19. You' re the great help, the very help in times of trouble. Now is the time.

" Help and rescue the world by the authority in the scriptures. COVID- 19. This is your end. Lord, you have done it before. Do it again. "

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