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Netizens React After Betty Kyallo Shared These Photos While Hosting Her New Show

Betty Kyallo introduced to her crowd yet a new show a while back and it really is doing perfectly well within her following. Betty Kyallo's Recent Activity involves families. How does it involve families? A husband is put under a test to identify something which belongs to his mother and his wife.

So many people say that when a man marries, his heart is enticed through the stomach, so it is the work of the person who is getting married to cook awesome foods to win her man's heart. In this show Betty puts the man under scrutiny by making him to identify the food cooked by his mother and his wife.

The latest episode Betty Kyallo was in a pretty yellow dress and a black wig, what she did is that she took photos in the same room but had different posing, all of which were great but she was for the idea that the first one was the best for her. Netizens had this

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Betty Kyallo


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