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Is it lack of vision or lack of freedom and space to imagine and create.

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In the recent past, there has been a range of blame games between parents, children with the society doing everything they can to bring technology as a determinant factor for the lack of morals, vision adoption of worrying trends etc.

Focusing on technology, let's take this illustration:

One parent buys their kid a ball and confine them within the limits of the house, it's likely that the kid will knock the ball around with everything else in their way of utilizing the ball. That amounts to huge losses and destruction of property. The end result is the parent punishing the child for destroying stuff in the house and the child feeling unfairly punished, bringing us once again to the blame game. Another parent buys this ball and then they take their kid to a playing field. There are chances that this kid will knock the ball around, learn new skills, meet other kids with similar interests in the game and probably grow up to be professionals together.

That's how the technology game works. Our parents and the society at large have done everything in their power to ensure that we have access to technology and information. Unfortunately, there are confines set as to what extent we should be creative with this resource at our disposal.

If the society found a way to support all the crazy and genius creativity and innovation that the youth and children tend to come up with using the same technology, then there will be no need to worry since they will have tasks to commit themselves to as a result of their creation. This can simply be done through;

1. Giving financial support.

2. Technical and Consultative support.

3. Linkages and networks to like minded people and the champions of different industries etc.

What more ways do you think could be used to create the required spaces and freedom to imagine?


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