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Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You

It is always hurting when you sacrifice your love feelings to love someone who doesn't love you back.It is always a waste of time and feelings.In this article am going to analyse critical things men do that will make a lady to realise that she is being tricked and played in their relationship.

1.Secretive.When a man becomes secretive in the things that he pertakes, start having question marks on him.A man who loves you will always inform you any step he is making in life.

2.Talks with a harsh tone.The way one talks with his or her partner means alot if he or she loves you or you are being tricked. A man who do not love you will always speak to you with a harsh, large and commanding voice.

3.Not supportive.Every human being is prone to passing through problems and whenever we have these problems we need assistance from the people we love most.The problems maybe in terms of finance,social and psychological issues.Supportive and loving man will always give a hand whenever needed by his girlfriend.

4.Security Passwords on the phone.When your man has password in his phone and he has not disclosed to you the password, just quit because he is wasting your time and feelings.He should always let you access his phone even to private areas like;messages,gallery and email.Most of the cheating men always become harsh and brave when their girlfriends take their phones.

5.Does want your company in public .Men who don't accompany their girlfriends to parties and ceremonies are likely to be players.They go to parties such as birthday party claiming to be single yet they have girlfriends.When your boyfriend has friends who are ladies and he has never introduced them to you then he is likely to play on you.

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