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Sultana:Babu Regrets Bringing Millah Into His Family

In today's episode, Mwanzele will call Babu and asks him why he has been ignoring his calls. Babu tells him that he has not been in the village for days. Mwanzele tells him that if he was sick and died could not know because of his ignorance.

Babu asks Mwanzele exactly what he wants. Mwanzele tells him that Dida informed him that Kaka is missing and has not found him. Mwanzele asks him if he has seen him in the village and Babu says no. Babu tells him not to worry because Kaka is a grown-up man and will come back.

Mwanzele is worried about Kaka and can't keep calm. Babu asks him if he told him about his mother and Mwanzele says no. Babu assures him Kaka will come back but he regrets bringing Millah into the lives. Babu wishes they never stopped Kaka and Dida's relationship. Mwanzele asks why because he wanted Kaka to be with Millah. Babu tells him is a long story and ends up the call.

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