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Theft On Another Level In Thika Road As A Man Steals Fare From All Passengers Using This Funny Trick

Thieves are once more becoming smart each and every day with their skills which they use to steal unknowingly from innocent people. Nowadays it is very easy loosing one's property easily to theives in any part of Nairobi or any major city in the country.

Hesy wa dandora has revealed a new way that thieves have used to steal fare from all passengers in a matatu along thika road. It is said that someone entered a matatu, started collecting fare from all passengers and alighted amid journey on Thika road to Nairobi(Photo| courtesy)

At the time he was collecting the fare, the conductor was busy hanging on the door shouting "tao commercial 70 bob" meaning it is only seventy shillings to town. When the conductor came to collect his fare, he found out that everyone had paid their fare long time ago.

Netizens upon seeing this reacted in different ways saying that people should be careful in Nairobi since some people seem to be having PhD's in stealing. Below are some of the reactions:(Photo| courtesy)(Photo| courtesy)


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