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Sultana Accuses Dida Of Hiding Kaka while Claiming He Dissappeared; Sultana Tuesday May 23rd, 2023

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Back at Salama’s house where we see Salama asking Buya what was going through his mind when the reality occurred to him that actually Fatima was getting married to Major Jabali? Buya answers her saying in fact he is happy and looking even more strong and healthier than before.

Buya goes on saying he was happy to hear she was getting married to Major Jabali because that way all the issues and troubles of Fatima are now a responsibility of Major to deal with. Buya continues saying he will also chip in with his contribution for the sake of Babu’s treatment and this sounds like music to the ears of everyone in the room.

Sultana upon noticing Dida has been quiet for a while now decides to interrupt and asks her why she has been so silent or if she is thinking of Kaka? JJ having realized Sultana has started with the tough questions excuses himself to leave saying he was going to bed early as tomorrow he had errands to run including going to see the doctor once again.

So before even JJ is gone, Sultana asks Dida another intriguing question which is if the disappearance of Kaka is true and real or it is just a game she is playing with Kaka for their own interests!? Dida answers her saying Kaka just woke up one morning, took all his personal effects and vanished to God knows where!?

Dida says at some she thought Kaka had gone to Millah only to realize he never did. We remember before Kaka and Millah had a relationship at some point when things seemed not to be working between Kaka and Dida. JJ who was still there is shocked by the mention of Millah who happens to be her sister. Dida being keen enough notices JJ’s shock too and asks him if he knows her but JJ just ignores her. 

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