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Businesses That Require Minimal Amount of Investment

Kenya is the fastest growing economy in East Africa and serves as a business centre for East and Central Africa. As a result, Kenya is a good area for both locals and foreigners to do business.

Starting a manufacturing business

Manufacturing enterprises in Kenya have a lot of potential. The local market, as well as the possibility for export, can be a driving force for manufacturing unit success. Some profitable manufacturing enterprises in Kenya are listed below:

✓Manufacturing of soap and detergent

✓Manufacturing of leather goods

✓Making furniture

✓Making candles

✓Production of packaged drinking water

Check out our list of the finest manufacturing businesses to start on a small scale if you want to learn more about manufacturing business ideas.

Starting a red earthworm business

Red earthworms are an important component of the vermicomposting process. In Kenya, organic fertilizer is in high demand.

Vermicomposting is the process of turning organic waste into compost that can be used. To get started, you'll need hybrid worms, a warm, dark, and dry habitat, as well as waste food.

Selling second hand clothes

In Kenya, the selling of secondhand clothing, or mitumba as it is known locally, is at an all-time high. The best aspect about establishing this business is that you don't need a lot of money to get started, and you don't need any special talents.

All you need is a suitable retail location to sell your clothes, which can be found in markets in towns like Nairobi. Individuals in Kenya who work in this industry earn an average of more than 500 shillings each month.

Brick making business

Kenya's real estate market is expanding. The demand for low-cost housing is increasing. Bricks are inexpensive to make, making them a cost-effective building material.

To establish a brick-making firm, you'll need a brick-making machine, enough sub-soil, spades, and manpower, among other things. Before you invest, you should get some brick-making training.


People who enjoy working with children and have a lot of free time can easily start a babysitting service. Babysitting is just taking care of other people's children while their parents are away.

This home-based business simply provides your clients with peace of mind regarding their child's qualifications and safety. In Kenya, women entrepreneurs can make a lot of money.

Direct mail services

Direct mail services are preferred by community companies in general. Restaurants, auto repair shops, electronics or gadget shops, and general interest retail stores are examples of businesses that cater to the masses. This is a method of advertising that allows for quick and easy evaluation of results.

You'll only need a computer with internet access and a phone to start this business. You can start this business from the comfort of your own home.

Barbershop business

While some may dismiss this business as being for the uneducated, it is, in fact, a lucrative business with the potential to earn you millions of dollars.

You can begin by visiting clients in their homes and working your way up to renting out a space. A typical salon or barber stall costs between Ksh6000 and Ksh15,000. You can then work on raising funds to purchase the necessary equipment.

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