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Signs of a woman who is not in love anymore.

The following are signs to show a woman is not in love anymore;

• When a woman makes excuses that she has to go every time you are about to spent time together or she is ignoring you and shows uninterested behaviours, then this shows that she is not in love anymore.

• Also when a woman is getting closer and closer to different men friends or she spent much time with her female friends to hang out and enjoy time together, probably this shows that she is seeking out some emotional validation and connection that she is not feeling when she is with you.

• Moreover, when she do not want to touch you or you to touch her and also she may not be faithful, then there is a very good possibility that she does not love you any more.

• In addition, she may also avoid discussions of your future together as she looks annoyed and saying negative words about you to her friends and acts seductively around other men, this is a clear indication that she is not in love anymore.

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