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Farmers on cultivation rush during march rains.

After along period of drought in Kenya, now the onset of march rains is here with full purpose towards endorsing farmers to prudently participate in the process of cultivating and planting short term period crops.

Since the start of January and Feburuary of 2023, there was shortage of food in almost fortey seven counties across the the country. However, farmers who participated in the plantation of long term period crops got huge loss.This led to economic hardship.

Major boards that depended on crops that were planted on large tracts of land, found things falling apart. This forced the government to seek help from external countries.

Earlier this week, several counties across the country have experienced high rainfall. Something that mostly surprises is that, some of the farmers who are not prepared for the rains were not prepared.Those who were highly prepared have now started again to plough their farms in order to start thd process of cultivation.

Among the counties that have recieved rain in Nyanza region are; Migori ,Kisii, Homabay and Nyamira. This explains the reason as to why farmers should go extreme in participating the advancement and prioritizing of the opportunities in planting crops that can be used to beat hunger as earlier as now.

In Rift valley, Narok county has also experienced some amount of rain since the beginning of the week.The department concerning weather is now called upon to advice people on how to take measures in ensuring that they take precautions during rain seasons.

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