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11 Signs That You Have Officially Found Your Forever Person

Whether a relationship is going to last or not is often determined by certain habits and characteristics. There are certain consistencies and patterns that are present within these strong and happy relationships. Most couples have the capacity to build a long lasting relationship, but a lot of people tend to overlook some of these feelings out of plain ignorance. What follows next is that, they might take their loving patners for granted and end up losing their near perfect relationships. It's very important to be able to distinguish whether what you have with someone is special or not, because you would never want the same thing to befall on you. Always make your patner feel valued and appreciated and if a lot of the signs mentioned below apply to you and your partner, then you are lucky enough to have found your forever person.

1. Your partner makes you feel accepted for who you really are. They would never do or say anything that would make you feel like you are not enough for them. They would never judge or criticize you.

2. They always ensure that your needs and feelings are kept in mind. Whenever they are around you, they never act selfishly, they never do or say anything that might hurt you. Their aim is to make sure that you feel fulfilled and satisfied.

3. They allow themselves to be vulnerable to you because they really want you to know that they are not hiding anything from you. They open themselves up to you and they want to make you feel like you have access to their life.

4. They will do whatever it takes to make sure that you never have to feel insecure or scared about being in a relationship with them. They always do their part in ensuring that all your fears and apprehensions are well taken care of.

5. They never shy off when talking about the future with you. Your patner genuinely wants a future with you. They are willing to include you in the planning process because they want you to know that they're not just about living in the present.

6. They make it a point to support you in the pursuit of your goals and dreams. They will never put you in a position where you have to choose between going after your dreams and being in a relationship with them. With them, you never have to compromise one or the other.

7. Your partner never stops making an effort to get to know you better. They are aware that there is always something new to learn about you, so they never stop trying to explore your thoughts in life and your personality.

8. They prioritize spending time with you. To them, you are a real priority and they would never you to feel like you come in second place to anything or anyone. Your patner wants you to know just how important the relationship is to them.

9. Whenever you're weak and feel like life is getting a little overwhelming, you can always count on them as your source of strength. They play an important role in propelling you forward to wherever you need to be no matter how tough life might get.

10. They really take it upon themselves to make you laugh and smile as much as possible. To them, your happiness is very important and they prioritize it above most other things.

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