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Meaning Of The Different Colour Of Heart Emojis That People Use Blindly

People do text randomly using the love emojis without actually knowing what they mean. The different colours of emojis have meanings and using them aimlessly. Each colour of the emoji has a meaning that you need to know. Sending a red hear emoji has a different meaning from the pink one. Here is what they mean.

The red heart shows conplete romantic love to someone. It shows uncompromised love to someone that is always unconditional and independent of other factors. The broken one means heartbreaking or low moments in life. The green heart is a show of jealous towards something.

The blue heart emoji is used to show admiration to things with the coliur blue. It mainly shows affection to blue coloured things like blue dress, shoes or even a 3 piece suit. The purple emoji is used to show affection to purple things. It can also be used to show support to things having the purple colour on them. The Wi-Fi heart emoji is a show of heartbeat is used to represent life in something.

The yellow emojis is used to show that you like someone. It show friendship and not the romantic love. It can also be used to show affection to yellow related things. The black heart emoji is used to show emptiness, sadness or feeling emotional. The white emji shows pure heart and intentions in someone which can't be destroyed.

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