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Third Wave Coronavirus Infections Leaves ICU Beds Full

The third Covid-19 wave seems to be hitting very hard. The positivity rate has increased to over 20%. As of yesterday, 1127 people tested positive for the corona virus out of a sample size of 5393. This gives a positivity rate of 22.1%. People are dying of post Covid 19 complications. Kericho deputy governor succumbed to the disease and was laid to rest yesterday. The Ministry of Health protocols were strictly observed with the burial taking place less than 72 hours after confirmation and the mourners were less than 100.

In an alarming rate, numbers are turning to people we know. Many Kenyans have quickly forgotten to wear face masks and are not keeping social distance. It is now business as usual. A quick check on people around Kawangare, Kibra and along Yaya centre has shown the negligence Kenyans are exhibiting. Some Kenyans are completely without masks while those with mask have not properly worn them.

Now before you continue with this negligence, you need to know that hospitals are filled to capacity. The demand for Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds is overwhelming. People are waiting for others to die to get space for treatment. Machakos Governor, Alfred Mutua has confirmed that all his level 5 referral hospitals are filled to the brim. Where does that put of us? Private hospitals are taking advantage of the current situation (it is business) and Healthcare is unaffordable. Very few well off Kenyans can afford such treatment. KMPDU through their secretary general Kibanzi Mwachonda confirmed that no ICU spaces are left and that 10 doctors have been admitted.

Again, even if you get access to treatment, it is not 100% guaranteed that you will make it out of the ICU alive. I'm not scaring anyone, I'm just cautioning all of us. NI KUBAYA! Do you know that you can contract the Virus even after getting your first jab of the AstraZenica vaccine? Governor Kiraitu Murungi tested positive.

Yesterday, a huge number of Nairobians wanting the vaccine were turned down. As it is always said, I say it again, prevention is better than cure. Please, properly wear you mask, wash your hands, maintain both physical and social distance, avoid crowds, and also avoid bars. We are more useful alive than dead. As the president said, we can revive our economy but we cannot revive lost lives. Please take care.

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