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The best present to give your child on his/her 16th birthday. This is priceless.

It is every parent's wish to provide their children with the best things in life. From the moment a child is born, it is the primary responsibility of the parent to cater for their needs physically, emotionally and socially. Apart from these basic needs, parents strive to make their children happy through various entertainment activities.

In today's world, photographs are a part of us. Every detail of a person's life story can be told in photographs. It is not unusual to find people posting photos of a day old baby with a message of welcoming the baby into the world.

Many people however do not go beyond keeping the photos in their galleries. Over time, the storage capacity runs out and old items are deleted. In some cases, one can lose their phone or camera thus losing the photos. By the time the child is fully grown, most of their childhood photos can no longer be traced.

I will advise the parents to open an email account for their children when they are born. Save every photo and video you take of them in their email account. Be sure to capture all the important aspects of their lives. The day they are born, when they give the first smile, the appearance of the first tooth and all the milestones that a baby goes through. Their birthday celebrations right from the first are all documented. Save these moments in a sequence that follows their growth.

On their 16th birthday, present them with the password of their email account and you will be elated by how happy they will be to re-live their childhood in the memories. Your child is likely to cherish this gift forever.

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