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Circumstances Where A Judge Can Forgive A Criminal In A Court Of Law.

If you are found in the wrong, the police will have to arrest you thereafter meet with a judge in a court of law and judgement passed accordingly depending on the level of crime. That can either be a jail term or fine which you pay money for your freedom. Ever wondered a circumstance where a judge may choose to forgive you?

Well it sounds wierd but it actually do happens. The problem is that it doesn't take place literally. The fine charges may be reduced on requesting the judge. Also talking of jail term, the number of days can also be done the same. Note that there is no law globally which allows a judge to forgive you completely. Such will lead to injustice as many would do crimes with hope of being pardoned.

The above mentioned possibilities strictly depends on the judge ruling the case. If he/she is kind enough, that is the least which can be done within their power. Now you know reader. That is all for now.

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