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5 Ways Your Phone Could Land You In Jail

Due to cybercrime activities carried out through devices like computers and mobile phones, the country's technological progress have seen significant setbacks. These negatives run the risk of overshadowing the countless advantages of the modern world.

As a preventative precaution, rules governing the use of computers and mobile devices have been passed in response to the increase in cybercrime, for instance.

To combat the expanding number of criminal acts connected with computers and mobile devices, Kenya passed the Cybercrime Act. The regulations were implemented in spite of protests from several human rights advocacy groups who objected to the restriction of freedom of expression.

In regards to the above we look at five ways a mobile phone can land you in jail. 

Publishing False Information 

The freedom of speech guaranteed by Article 33 of the Constitution is redefined by this statute, which also restricts the freedom of phone users.

Kenyan law forbids the publication of information on a person or thing that could damage their reputation or cause fear. A maximum fine of five million shillings or a maximum sentence of two years in jail could be imposed for such a violation.

This is true for using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which are viewed as publications.

Cyber Bullying 

The term "cyberbullying" as used in this Act refers to any computer user's communication that can cause someone to fear for their safety or have a detrimental effect on their mental health.

For posting or publishing information that might make someone feel threatened, disturbed, or terrified, a minimum Ksh20 million fine or 10 years in prison is appropriate.

Users of social media, where the bulk of cyberbullying cases are reported, are also impacted by this. A World Wide Web study claims that more than one in five Kenyan women have been the victim of cyberbullying on social media sites.

Violating Trademark Rules 

Any word, symbol, or name that has been registered by a company or an individual as a form of identification is referred to as a trademark. A lawsuit that may result in a two-year prison sentence could be brought about by using or adopting such a name.

A fine of Ksh200,000 may also be imposed for this infraction. In worst cases, a person who commits this violation may face both punishments.


The country may also face legal action for impersonation on social media. Any application of a different person's signature, password, or feature of identification falls under this category.

Cybercrime laws may be considered to make it illegal to use passwords or fictitious accounts that contain a person's name or other identity symbol.

This crime is punishable by a maximum three-year jail sentence or a Ksh200,000 fine.

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