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Tension High As Bandits Ambushed 5 Villages At Once Killing Five In Samburu

Tension high in Samburu County after Four villages in the same area were invaded by bandits in an ambush attack on Friday night, and all of them lost their livestock. As a result, they opened fire on security guards leading to their death.

A fight resulted in injuries to three Kenya Defense Forces commandos as well as several bandits. For treatment, the security guards were flown to Nairobi.

During the attack on the villages of Lesilampa, Lekirishati, Lempoko, and Lengoseg, seven cows were stolen, and one of them was shot to death. The Kenya Defense Forces and the National Police Service are working together to capture the criminals and bring them to justice.

For more than a decade, the criminals have terrorized the North Rift region's inhabitants. Numerous illegal firearms and ammunition have been retrieved, according to police reports as the operation is still ongoing.

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