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Mike Sonko With New Information About Land Grabbing Cartels In The CBD Terrorising Innocent Kenyans

The former Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko, now in forms it is ready to expose more sensitive information about a land grabbing cartel working together with corrupt judicial service officers.

After the former governor received a letter from JSC which warned him against releasing any more sensitive information which the governor claims is in his possession.

In a post today on his Twitter page, sonko has openly expressed his happiness following the ruling against judge Chitembwe.

The governor has also informed how the Kenyan judicial system I've been infiltrated why money thirsty individuals, that have neglected the law and opted to serve their own selfish interests.

He also exclaimed that very few individuals in Kenya can boast of successfully receiving Justice while other innocent victims are in various jail cells, after corrupt judges and lawyers are involved in the case.

If given the opportunity once more sonko claims to have other information about a land-grabbing cartel within Nairobi, that is responsible for looting private lands from its original owners by manipulating Justice.

This exposes by Mike Sonko, shall serve as an eye-opener to Kenyans and also will be able to highlight why the president failed to nominate the seven judges.

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