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"We Are Not Boarding" Kenyans React To Top Vocal UDA Brigade After Making This Statement

Political show down is on the move gaining more momentum day by day, various aspirants transversing across the country making it possible for electorates to consider them when election day knocks.

But it is merely a prerequisites situation where each and every individual will just have to harvest what they sow.

This simply implies that only those who were able to relate well with people and satisfactorily accomplish their needs will be the right person to be elected.Or else some will just be milking stones.

It seems politicians are very busy holding boardroom meetings,some are also meeting with various delegates from grassroot levels,this will not create a stronger impact since it is common citizens who will decide through their democratic rights of voting.

This was not until nominated senator Millicent Omanga landed herself on individuals who felt very much inadequate by the sentiments she made on her twitter account.

The statement was about the meeting they held with a delegation of Nairobi traders to discuss about bottom up approach.

"Today at the official residents of the dp we engaged a delegation of Nairobi traders who benefited from the in depth analysis of bottom of economic model ..."

This accrued to reactions on some individuals who felt they cannot and will never buy the idea."we are not boarding."

Some also question if all these delegates purposely went for bottom up economic model discussion in Karen so that they can share with masses, something that aught to have been done during public rallies.

"So all these delegations are now going to Karen to get in depth analysis of the bottom up economic model so as to spread to the masses?so the masses were never able to understand the economic model..."

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