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6 Reasons why excercising should be your habit

Having a good healthy life is the dream of everyone. Do you know that having a good health is not just a matters of eating and and increasing body mass but also entails maintaining normal body growth and activenss? Have you ever wondered why you need exercise? Or you just view it as a matters of time wastage? Or tiresome tasks? Simple exercises like walking, jogging, rope jumping, riding, hiking...are some which can keep you for.

Here are the 6 major benefits why you need exercises:

1.) Muscles and bone strengthening. Exercises increases increases muscles cells activity this strengthening them. This in turn puts you in a better position to prevent feature injuries and able to escape attacks .

2.) Maintenance of normal body balances and functions. During exercise period, blood flow in circulation is well enhanced which leads to normal cell functioning. This in turn results to hormonal balances and normal body functioning with less or no complications.

3.) Makes you Attractive. Exercises is key in body shaping and modeling. They make you have a well structured physic appearance, well curved admirable charming body appearance.

4.) Helps in saving money. How does exercise help you save money?simple- regular exercises helps normal body functioning hence reducing chronic diseases such as diabetes, stroke, respiratory ailments, cardiovascular diseases etc. When free of these diseases, it means that the money that would have been used in treatment of these ailments will be saved. Then you wont due soon from the diseases hence live longer.

5.) Getting rid of anxiety and deppresion. One of the main resultant effects of exercising is release of feel- good chemical endorphins in brain to the whole body which makes you feel good, boost your mood and help you become more relaxed. It reduced anxiety and deppressed mood and promote self esteem.

6.) Maintain normal body weight. Exercises will help you in getting rid of excessive fat in the body and help you loose weight. In people who are underweight or want to improve weight, exercising the muscles helps them to develop and increase in size and hence increase in weight

Your health is much more Important to you than anything else. Take a step and give exercises a trial. All the best.

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