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Eight Candidates Found With Phones In Examination Room, Fifteen Phones Confiscated

Today the Education CS George Magoha has said that there were eight Candidates who were caught with phones in the examination room , in his briefing he also added that some more fifteen cellphones had been Confiscated from various centers too.

The CS has informed the public that the incidents are under investigations and that they are up to find out what is in the phones . He also added that parents should not be tempted to buy fake examinations papers for there is no exam that has leaked .

He however mentioned that it is only unprofessional examination officials that expose the exams before starting time as scheduled and shared to specific candidates.

Otherwise this years examination kicked off successfully without major incidents.Therefore the results of the students shall be genuine and exact score of what they deserved. Unlike in the past where student were being penalised because of cheating and obtaining scores which doesn't tally their honest grade.

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