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What DP Ruto Said In Migori That Has Warmed Hearts Of Residents

Today, DP Ruto has held a 5th delegates meeting in Awendo in Migori County where he met a good number of UDA leaders and supporters drawn from the region.

While delivering his speech, DP Ruto warmed the hearts of residents when he said that the big problem we have in Kenya is having politics that of tribal basis. He revealed that most politicians don't want to engage in a hard task of forming national parties.

"Shida ya siasa ya Kenya mahali pakubwa ni mambo ya ukabila na basis ya ukabila katika Kenya ni kwamba watu wengi hawataki kufanya kazi ngumu ya kujenga chama ya kitaifa kwa hivyo kila mtu anatengeneza chama ya kabila yake," said DP Ruto.

DP Ruto also added that they want to form a party with a national outlook that will help eliminate tribal politics and one that will carry the national agenda of our nation.

"Tunataka kujenga chama ya kitaifa ndiyo itusaidie kujenga siasa ya kitaifa ndiyo tuweze kuondoa siasa za kikabila. And that is why it is very important to Kenya that today we have a national party that can carry a national agenda," added DP Ruto.

He also went on to urge leaders from all over the country to embrace what UDA party is doing so that they can focus on national togetherness rather than forming tribal parties.

Click on the YouTube video link below to watch what DP Ruto said in Migori.

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