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How to Spot Pick-Pockets in Nairobi

When one arrives in Nairobi, it is important to note that they are susceptible to pick pocketing. Here are however some of the ways that one can notice pick pockets easily to avoid being victims.

When a stranger gets too friendly with you, know that you may be a victim of pick pocketing. Nairobi is a very busy town that people do not find it in them to involve in conversations with strangers unless they are pick pockets. They often entice you into conversations and without noticing, one of the things in your pockets will be gone.

In another instance, it is advisable to avoid asking for directions from random people. Therefore if a stranger shows you direction that leads through lonely corridor with cars packed along it, it is wise to ignore it and follow the direction that has many people using.

If someone gets too close to you either in a bus or while walking, ensure that you walk faster or halt your walk to enable them pass by. These are people who may use anesthesia to get you lose awareness, after which they pretend to know you and so carry you along.

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