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Kitui Man Warned For Exposing Himself As Mastermind Behind Re-arrest Of Kamiti Fugitives

Kenyans have taken to social media to express their fear for the Kitui man who became an internet sensation after leading to the capture of three Kamiti fugitives.

The three escaped from Kaimiti Maximum Priosn 4 days ago and the Kitui man was part of the group that cornered them.

Photos of him taking selfies with the escapees flooded the internet and news headlines after the arrest and are still circulating now.

This means that his face is known to many people not only in Kenya but also around countries who have interest in Kenyan affairs.

For Kenyans, being a heroic in such an activity is a security threat to his life.

They have commented that he should have hidden his face and not done any interviews with media.

“He needs state security. His life is in danger from Al-shabaab and slay queens,” wrote Wanoni Mike.

Ace Hunter Nimrod said:

“Next time he will be reading his obituary. Al shaabab will target him in a revenge mission or fellow villagers will come for a slice of the 60m.”

Jose Muthui joked:

“Slay queens are finding the way to reach him. He needs bodyguards to protect him from being snatched by daughters of Jezebel.”

The 60 million that was promised outs him at further risk if Matiangi changes his mind and decides to bless his account.

Some of the women on social media have started making advances so that they could have a share of the possible big pot.

Will the an be safe? Did he compromise his security by taking selfies with the criminals?

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