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The Biggest and Swiftest Bank Heist in Kenya's History

Bank robbery is a seldom crime that when it does occur, becomes national gossip for months on end. This is mostly attributed to the amount of thought put into planning the heist, the large amounts of resources required for the raid, and the severity with which it is prosecuted since it is inherently a violent crime.

But in those few robbery attempts, they have unraveled how the bank robbers apply sophisticated and well-masterminded techniques of survival and planning.

A small percentage of bank robbery attempts are successful as the loot is rarely recovered but later on becomes less successful by virtue of the bank robbers getting arrested later on. The arrest rate of bank robberies in Kenya in Kenya comes second to murder.

But one that will remain etched in Kenya's History is the 1998 heist that was regarded as the swiftest and cleaning heist. It was struck with such precision that it was termed the easiest theft of its magnitude in Kenya.

At 7:30 am six-armed well-clad gentlemen entered the Standard Chartered bank along Moi Avenue to conduct what would be considered the biggest bank heist in Kenya yet. They would then orchestrate a bank robbery that would last for only 5 minutes affording them ample time to escape before the police would arrive to intercept them.

The robbers, witnesses said, were relaxed and in no hurry, raising questions whether this was an inside job or a well-planned raid. No shots were ever fired in what would have rather been expected to be a violent take-over bank robbery.

The men would then proceed to empty an entire strong room of the tier one bank headquarters with cash adding up to 96 million in foreign and Kenyan currencies.

The then CID boss Salim Swaleh was mesmerized by how dexterous the robbers were in stashing the loot since the amount of cash in the vault was overwhelming.

They managed to successfully escape via a getaway car that was parked across the bank.

The police response team arrived at 7:42 am, thinking that the robbery was still in progress, but realized they were too late since the robbers had already sped off with the loot. The police erected roadblocks on city roads and searched vehicles thoroughly but never recovered the loot.

The robbers were never arrested.

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