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"My Daughter Is Always Bullied In School By Teachers And Pupils Because Of Her Face Condition.

A mother has narrated how her 10years old daughter jancy is going through in school she says that the teacher and the pupils bullies her be a cause of her sink conditions.

Jancy's mother claims that after she gave birth her daughter had a black mark on her face and this didn't stop from loving her daughter although she Knew that was not normal.

She took her baby home took care of her until she started going to school she says that when she turned 7years old the hair started growing on the black mark and her friends and family started calling her animal names like Werewolf and gorilla.

After she took her to the hospital she was diagnosed by a disease called hypertrichosis a rare disease where one over grow hair in their body.

She says that she has transferred her to 9 different school because the teacher and pupils always bully her and call her animals names that make her daughter have low self esteem and even makes her drop out of school.

The mother says that it very painful to see people bullying her daughter and it's not her fault that she was born like that but she thank God that her husband never abandoned them and do take care of them.

jancy says that she will never give up even if they bully her because when she grows up she want to be a doctor and also help her parents who live in a poor status.


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