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Brave Waruguru Sends Warning To President Uhuru Through Allies In Mt Kenya

For a second day in the row, Laikipia county woman representative has continued to hit out at Mt Kenya leaders claiming to be president Kenyatta's close allies. Speaking on Sunday, the Woman representative claimed that those saying they are close to president Kenyatta have been lying to him about the reality on the ground.

In an interview with one of the local dailies, the legislator noted that the president has been surrounded by people who don't care about the people they are leading, but themselves alone. According to her, allies of the president including Kanini Kega should be frank and tell the president of the way people are feeling over the increase of tax, hence the cost of living.

Kate Waruguru in his view said Kenyans are not happy with the general rise in the price of commodities countrywide.

"We are still in lockdown, Kenyans don’t have money in their pockets, but the prices have gone up under the watch of their leaders,” noted Waruguru as first reported by The Standard.

Waruguru then challenged those claiming to be president Kenyatta's allies led by Kanini Kega to report to him that Kenyans are unhappy with the current tax rates. She claimed if the president won't change the tact, the deputy president might succeed in taking the votes from the mountain.

"Don’t lie to the President people are unhappy and the ground is politically slippery, if you don’t do something he [Ruto] will run away with the votes,” said Maruguru.

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