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No Hope For Ruto as Ex-Powerful Government Official Exposes Deep State's Secret Dealings

The said 'deep state' is indeed there and really does what Kenyans are being told currently, a governor and former top state official has revealed.

This comes amid reports that the cabal wants to influence the outcome of 2022 presidential elections, having identified it's preffered next President.

Former Head of Public Service Francis Kimemia says that the rumours are true, warning that those being told they are being targeted should be afraid.

He told the Citizen TV that the said state controls what happens, and has the ability to ensure that it's preffered candidate wins and beats their opponent.

The Nyandarua Governor says that chances are high that the said deep state candidate will win, stating that it is almost impossible to defeat the cabal.

"All I can say is that Deep State works. The voters vote, Deep State also includes people in the villages. It goes up to the polling station and it doesn’t necessarily mean rigging," he stated.

He revealed that the deep state works with the international community in identifying the best candidate, making the chosen one invincible.

"The State exists, but I can assure you it could be deeper than deep. If you have two candidates at the rate of 50:50 and the Deep State backs one, you can be sure than one will win," added the county boss.

This comes as bad news to Deputy President William Ruto, who has been warned that the deep state is against him and will be blocking his presidency.

He has acknowledged receiving such reports, but says that he doesn't need the force as he has the support of God and the people, which is all he needs.

The DP has refused to believe that a group of people can sit in one corner to decide what happens, maintaining that this will be the job of the voters.

The force, it is said, prefers ODM leader Raila Odinga as the fifth President of Kenya.

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