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5 Reasons Nairobians Hate Forward Matatus

Reasons Nairobians Hate Forward Matatus

Photo showing Forward Matatus

Forward Matatus are matatus that are found in Nairobi and which usually operate from Town/ Muthurwa to Umoja, Soweto, Komarock, Donholm, Kayole, Kayole 1 etc.

The Matatus can easily be identified by their Green & yellow Colour. As much as the vehicles charge low for fare, most Nairobians hate them because of the following reasons;

1. Playing Very Loud music

The matatus Play Very loud music such that it's so hard to communicate while inside.

2. Overloading

The matatus are always overloaded making it hard to unboard it after reaching destination.

3. Reckless Drivers

The matatus are driven by reckless drivers who carelessly exchange lanes while driving.

4. Dirty Seats

The matatus have no time to be washed due to the busy schedule.

5. Squeezed Seats

The seats are too squezed such that three people cannot fit on the same chair.

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