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'Master Wa Odi Dance '-Kenyans Give Their Verdict Between Uhuru & Museveni's Dancing Skills In Dubai

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The last few days have not been the best for President Uhuru Kenyatta after the Supreme leader's family found themselves in the limelight after Details of their offshore accounts were leaked through the Pandora Papers. 

The President was forced to issue a statement after the Exposee where he promised to issue a comprehensive statement when he jets back to the country from overseas. 

The President is currently attending the trade expo in Dubai where leaders from different countries are attending. 

During the event, the president was recorded showcasing his dancing skills alongside Uganda president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Kenyans on the internet were left talking after the video went viral. 

Many were quick to notice Uhuru's exquisite moves on the dancing floor. To some extent, Uhuru's dancing move seemed to have resonated well with the famous dancing style called Odi. According to many Kenyans, Uhuru outshined his neighbor in the late-night context. Here are some of the reactions. 

MeMeanwhile, share with us your thoughts on the matter. 

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