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Jobs For Creative People That Actually Pay Well

1. Makeup artist. Their main role is to apply makeup to clients in various events such as weddings. One can get paid handsomely especially if they advertise their work on social media or are working with celebrities. One requires just little formal education to be a makeup artist.

2. Editors. One needs to have strong communication and writing skills. They review content from writers and help them develop new ideas. Those who have worked with various forms of media like television, or are experienced in the field are highly favoured by employers.

3. Architects. Their job is to plan and design buildings and structures. For one to be an architect you have to complete a degree or a diploma in architecture, then pass the Architect Registration Examination. They work both on private and public projects.

4. Film and video editors. One must have clear understanding of digital cameras, and a certificate in a field related to film.

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Architect Registration Examination


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