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(VIDEO) Mudavadi Makes Ruto Laugh In Samburu

The Kenya Kwanza team, led by UDA boss Dr. William Ruto, ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi, and Ford Kenya Party leader Moses Wangula, arrived in Samburu on August 9th to continue mobilizing Kenyans to vote for the Chief Hustler.

Musalia Mudavadi has chastised the ODM leader and laughed at him after his loyal footsoldier and Machakos County governor Hon Alfred Mutua abandoned the Azimio camp while speaking to the crowds who had gathered in large numbers to witness the political rally. 

Yule mlikuwa mnajua kitambo na mkampatia kula hutu kutendawili Alaswa kitambo huyu kumbe. "Sasa hivi Uhuru anafinya remote na Raila anafanya kila kitu ambacho president anataka," the ANC leader warned Samburu residents, urging them not to vote for ODM leader Raila Odinga.

According to the video, William Ruto could be seen laughing hysterically as Mudavadi delivered his speech, which included salvos directed at the ODM party's leader. Various political insiders and online influencers now believe that the Chief Hustler is gaining traction and will easily defeat Baba in the upcoming presidential election.

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