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Good News To The Motorist As Fuel Prices Is Yet To Be Reduced This Week


The prices of the fuel has really frustrated Kenyans this past weeks as the prices drastically rose to the 136 Kenyan shilling for petroleum and 106 for diesel .photo|courtsey

This rose of the price has triggered many discussion on the government and the citizen. Many were in state of confusion as they had nothing to do but to except the courtesy

Most citizens preferred to use the public means since the price of the fuel was unbearable for them to afford. The matatu this past week were flooded since almost everybody preferred it.

Kenyans are expecting the fuel prices to reduce this week atleast for thing to start running normally.

Many people have suffered alot including the motor shops . The new buyers of the vehicles went at hold due to the fuel prices.

Speaking to the perliament John Munyes said this week the fuel prise is to drop to the normal|courtesy

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