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Victoria Rubadiri: How Low Self Esteem Almost Ruined My Life

For media personality Victoria Rubadiri, her journey to being one of the top news personalities in the country has not been a simple walk in the park.

Talking about her life with Kathy Kiuna on Woman Without Limits on July 8, 2017, she narrated that her family moved to the United States from Kenya when she was ten years old, and that was where her rollercoaster journey began.

"Growing up here, I was very friendly, but moving to the US is where my self-esteem took a hit. My personality just went down. You are getting into an inner-city kind of environment from a very cozy Nairobi full of family and friends, and it wasn't the most welcoming environment," she recounted.Her poblems, she narrated, were compounded by a language barrier and her skin color which made her stand out from her fellow students.

She told Kathy that when she completed her primary school education, she advanced to high school where she developed a yearning to belong, to fit in and to have people like her.

"Because I was seeking validation, everywhere I would go I would just ask people to accept me. I would bend and turn into what people wanted me to be, which was a danger. I allowed people to speak for me and to tell me who I was," she recalled.

In high school, she met a boyfriend at a time when she was still struggling with self esteem and acceptance, a relationship that she admitted was a mistake from the start.

She managed to get to the university of her choice but instead of leaving everything behind and starting over, she went to the university and still carried on with the relationship she had started in high school.

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