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Cut A Lemon Add Salt And Place it At Your Night Stand Before Bed And See What Happens

When fresh lemons are cut they produce a refreshing fragrance. It has been discovered that, by placing a lemon sprinkled with salt on your bedside table has loads of extra benefits. All you have to do is cut a lemon into four wedges, sprinkle salt on it, and place it on a plate next to your bed. And while you sleep at night, the lemon and salt will do the following for you:

1. Improve air quality when placed on your night table as you sleep.  

The sliced lemon act as purifiers, they help in absorbing the toxins and any pollutants in the air, leaving the room smelling fresh. 

2. Increase one's energy

Have you ever wake-up feeling totally exhausted? Worry no more, what you need to add is a fresh lemon with salt to your nightstand and leave it to work magic. The lemon fragrance boosts the serotonin levels in your brain to help you wake-up feeling happy and energized

3. Heightened ability to focus

Do you need to focus when you are trying to sleep? The answer to the question is, yes. When you are focused it helps you to get solid night's sleep. You don't need worries to occupy your mind, just focus on positive things in life. Thus, the citrus aroma helps to increase your ability to focus and be more relaxed.

4. Relieve Stress

When you lay down at night, do all of your worries run around in your head, making it hard to fall asleep? Research shows that the fragrance released by citrus fruits actually relaxes your emotions and calms down your brain waves.

5. If you have a cold you will find that both your sinuses and throat will feel much better as a result. This is due to the antioxidizing properties of lemon that helps you breathe more clearly.

Stay healthy.

Content created and supplied by: CarolVinny (via Opera News )


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