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Saving hacks every student should know

To survive and live comfortably as a student here are some hacks that will help you save.

1. Leave within your means

With the pressure of fitting in ,it is easy to be carried away into making bad decisions especially in your spending. Too much spending can drive you into debt.Only buy what you can afford.

2. Open a savings account

As a student you should have a fixed savings account .The longer the time you put in money into the account,the more the amount of savings will increase.

3. Eat in rather than out.

Have a meal plan per week that will help you budget for groceries. Money you use for eating will decrease drastically,it will also improve your cooking skills and you will eat healthier.

4. Have a study group instead of a tutor

Hiring tutors can be expensive especially for a student. identify serious individuals in your class who you are comfortable with and form a study group. A group helps a student to get more information and more understanding.

5. DIY

With the many tutorials available in the internet, learn skills which you would have otherwise paid for their services. For example; design,hair dressing,nail application e.t.c

6. Thrift

Instead of buying items from high end stores ,get similar ones from thrift stores at a cheaper price.

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