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If a man doesn't contact you does it really mean he doesn't miss you?

In most cases ,the man will always be out and away from their families and patners, trying to get through life and working for people they love and cares about. It is not true to say that men don't miss their patners .Yes they do ,but most of them don't say. Men turn cold when hurt by friends ,family members and their loved ones but they still miss the off course.

Intelligent men are dedicated, affectionate , open minded and have self respect. They prefer not to be interrupted by any one on calls or physically from their patners or any one they love. This means despite missing them ,men don't have that time to always make calls to their patners describing how much they miss them especially while at work or just while working on something important.

Unlike ladies ,they prefer being called at odd hours or just at unexpected times to be told how much they are missed and loved.

Most Men feel that there are more priorities like working hard to put food on the table no matter how long he will take ,away from their loved ones/ patners just to achieve that rather than spending too much time always telling her how much he misses her.

If something goes wrong, they become responsible .He will reach on time, he will act on time...and that day, you will know that he missed you and loves you .So from now ,don't you ever think that when a guy doesn't contact you he doesn't really miss you.By not contacting, they process what they have done wrong ,take some time, accept it and apologise ...if necessary.(I have done it several times)

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