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Angry Kenyans Slams Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei After Alleging New Cost Of The Following Items

Samson Cherargei, the senator for Nandi County, has made a statement today about the decreased pricing for several items. While the price of many commodities decreases, Cherargei informed Kenyans that the cost of life is also decreasing steadily.

According to Samson Cherargei, Unga 2Kg is Ksh 154, Ndovu Ksh 179, Taifa Gas 6Kg is Ksh 850, and 13Kg costs Ksh 1500. However 2kg of sugar costs Ksh 270, 135 Ksh for bar soap, and 49 Ksh for milk. Samson Cherargei's comments have confused many Kenyans since they go counter to what is actually happening.

Angry Kenyans on social media platforms slammed Nandi county senator Samson Cherargei for giving out things that are not true only to please some Kenyans but deep inside the ground, things are different. Below are reactions from Kenyans;

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