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Skin Care

Natural Ways to Lighten Your Skin.

Many people nowadays want to have that light skin that is attractive and makes them look beautiful, below are some of the tips that will help you lighten your skin;

Make an egg mask.

This method is simple and proven to work . Here you have to use the egg yoke,mix the yoke with corn flour then apply on the face, let it dry for 30 minutes then wash away using warm water. Repeat this procedure 3 times a week for better results.

Facial steaming.

Doing this once a week helps to open up the pores on the skin and also clears every existing dust from the skin, in most cases, the use of lemon peels in hot water is much better than using plain water.

Olive oil and honey.

Mix this 2 ingredients together and apply on your face or body everyday because it helps to prevent dry skin and also lightens your complexion making it to glow.

Use moisturizers.

Always Make sure you moisturize your skin to avoid direct sunlight. The sun has some harmful rays called ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the skin.

Make banana paste.

This is done by mixing together banana,honey and unsalted butter, apply gently on the face and skin then leave it for 45 minutes to dry. Wash it off by using milk for best results and again rinse with lukewarm water.

Mix rice powder with coconut oil.

When mixing together, don't forget to add lemon in the paste, apply on your skin and allow it to dry for 30 minutes then wash it with rice water. Rice water contains antiinflammatory substances and lemon has vitamin c which helps to build up the skin.

Lastly, drink a lot of water to keep the skin hydrated and avoid using cheap lightening creams. All the best.

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