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Forget About Employing Herdsmen To Look After Your Livestock, Use This Breed Of Dog Instead (PHOTOS)

Cost of employing herdsman at times may be expensive considering the fact that you have to pay monthly salary for unknown duration to a herdsman. Sometimes the duration may take too long when paying this herdsman hence expensive. To reduce this huge expense, one may purchase a border collie which is regarded as the most intelligent dog in the world.

This dog is good in mastery of skills and is anxious to please the owner. The training given to border collie is quickly learnt and put into practice. In countries such as Scotland and Wales, border collie has been looking after sheep for centuries now. In fact they refer to border collie as 'perfect herding dog'. This is due to its ability to master routine quickly and carry out tasks without much supervision. What amazing dog!

In its herding history, border collie is known to keep flock of sheep perfectly. Considering physical properties, border collie are normally have variety of colours for instance; there is a black, white, lilac, blue, blue marle, among other colours. Adult border collie has height of about 48 cm to 56cm male, 46cm to 53cm female and weighs about 14 kg to 20 kg male, 12kg to 19kg female.

Lastly, the cost of one border collie puppy varies and ranges from about $800 to $1500 dollars. Below are amazing pictures of border collie.

Having said that, you can go and purchase one to help you keep your flock. Meanwhile, thank you for reading my article. Don't forget to share.

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