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BBI Twist As Rarieda Mp Reveal Real Owners Of The Building Bridges Iniative; Where Does BBI Stand

Building bridges initiative hearing case is ongoing now till 2nd of July 2021. Different lawyers have assembled in court to battle out about the BBI case. The bill suffered a huge blow last time when the team of five bench judges declared it null and void.

The Building Bridges initiative owners file an appeal in the high court in the spirit of hope that the whole process will be allowed to go to referendum. Each side has produced its top lawyers to battle out for the case.

Today during the submission of Rarieda members of Parliament, honourable Atiende Amollo has found himself in hot soup with the netizens after claiming that the President and the former prime minister Raila Odinga did not initiate the bill.

"My lord the building initiative bill was initiated by Junet Muhammad and Denis Waweru, and therefore the ODM leader Raila Odinga and the president are just supporters of the bill" Atiende Amollo claims.

The renowned lawyer has been told by netizens to stop confusing them because the court ruled out the BBI bill. After all, the president has no mandate to do any amendment as per the current constitution of Kenya.

Share what do you think is going to happen now that Amollo says that the BBI was initiated by June and denis water.

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