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"We Will 'Crush' Media if it Goes to Bed With Our Political Opponents in Another Election," Gachagua laments

The current Deputy president Rigathi Gachagua has now cleared the air over his controversial statement of saying that they hammered the media nine nil, and they plan to crush it. When he spoke to different social media houses on Sunday evening he stated that it is indeed true that the Kenya Kwanza hammered media nine nill because it went to bed with the Azimio la Umoja Coalition Party. According to Gachagua he said that defeating Azimio la Umoja was a basic of winning media as reportedly media campaigned for Orange Democratic Movement leader Raila Odinga which didn't bear fruits.

He went further and declared that the government will crush down the media if the media dares to continue with their political opponents again. He lamented that they will crash it politically. "We hammered the media 9 nil because the media was part of Azimio and we hammered Azimio and all its affiliates including the media. In another election, if the media is in bed with our opponents, we will crush them 'politically speaking'," said the DP.

He went further to urge all media to be focused on their roles and give each person a chance. He lamented that as far as media is allowed to criticize the government under the sun, media should also be open to criticism. "I request the media to be fair, just like you are free to criticize the government and to criticize anything under the sun, you too must allow people to criticize you, affirm you where you do well, encourage you and point out where you are failing," said the second in command

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