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Top 6 Tricks Kenyan Politicians Are Using To Get Votes For 2022 General Elections.

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As we are headed to next year's general elections, top political leaders are eyeing various seats. A lot of strategies have been made by political leaders purposely to gain fame and votes from the locals. The famous Kenyan Politicians are said to use the following tactics:

1. Being humble and leading a simple life.

Politicians tend to be simple, develop unusual humbleness, and get closer to the locals to convince them to vote. You won't be amazed to see the top politicians doing simple things like traveling on motorbikes, interacting with vendors, and others visiting churches. This is a political game and a way of drawing the attention of voters as we are headed to next year's general elections.

2. Attending church services regularly.

The politicians usually use this as a golden chance to air their campaigns and request support from church members. You will find the politicians supporting the churches in fundraising and other church projects just to gain their interest. The church plays a significant role in the next year's general elections but the church shouldn't be contaminated with politics.

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3. Formation of coalitions and parties.

Strong leaders have come together and parties have been formed chiefly, to gather enough votes and secures some seats. The key goal of coalitions is for the coalition to gain fame and voters from various Kenyan regions. However, some coalitions including the famous (NASA) party have collapsed due to political differences.

4. Involvement in Early campaigns.

Top Kenyan leaders started their campaigns early and are still campaigning although they haven't been officially set to start. Early campaigns enable them to establish a strong ground and keep in touch with the common citizen. This will on other hand enable them to secure the seats they are yearning for come next year.

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5. They establish political strongholds.

Strongholds serve as an essential tool for getting enough votes from a certain Kenyan region. Politicians tend to be intact and make a good relationship with locals from various Kenyan counties towards the general elections. Amazingly this trick has enabled many politicians to gain votes and will continue to be used towards every election.

6. They go for endorsement.

This is a case where the politicians make closeness with the strongest parties to get approval and public support. However, the endorsement can't be done to every politician as the public can't approve everyone at ago. Endorsement is essential and can assist a candidate get a good amount of public reputation that may earn them votes.

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