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5 Ways To Safely Remove Something Stuck In Your Eye

Wash your hands before you touch your eyesMost people tend to forget this step, especially in cases where they would like to remove the irritant as fast as possible. But it’s very important that before you touch your eyes, your hands are germ-free. You will lessen the risk of getting unwanted bacteria or even more dirt in your eyes, avoiding some very unpleasant eye conditions.

Try to blink and allow your tears to wash it outAvoid rubbing your eye because rubbing the eyes is a natural reaction that almost everyone has when they feel something land in their eye. But keep in mind that this might actually cause even more damage to your eyes. Therefore you should try to fight this urge and attempt to remove the sand or dust by blinking multiple times. This is the normal way in which your body keeps your eyes safe from potentially dangerous objects and it might just do the trick to freeing your eye of the irritant.

Try to spot what got in your eyeOnce you've found the spot, just look to up, then down, and to the sides. See if you can spot the object right away. If you can’t find it immediately, it may be located on the inside of one of the eyelids. To examine the upper lid, it might help to place a q-tip on the outside and gently fold the lid over its tip. Then look down and see if you can find it. For the lower lid, first, look up and then grasp the lower eyelid, gently pulling it down.

Take small grains of sand or dust out with a rolling motion, using a Q-tipYou can try to take it out with a damp Q-tip if you find an object inside of your eyelid. Hold your eyelid with one finger and then place the swab against it. With a rolling motion, keeping away from the eye, you can take out the irritant safely.

Submerge your eye in clean waterTrybusing an eye cup if its available. But the first thing to do is to rinse the eye cup and don’t let anything else touch the rim or the inside. Fill the cup up halfway with fresh water or eyewash, if available. Then put the cup over the eye to be rinsed, pressing the cup tightly to your skin to keep the liquid from leaking out. Tilt your head back and open your eye wide. Try moving your eye from side to side and up and down to allow the liquid to wash all parts of the eye.

Consider choosing this option if running water over your eye scares you a bit. Simply get yourself a bowl of water and put your head into it with your eyes open. Move your eyes around so that the water can rinse all parts. When getting up, blink a few times and check to see if the irritant is gone.

The third option is to hold your eye in some running water, from either the tap or the shower. Hold the lower eyelid slightly downward with your head tilted to one side. Have a small stream of water flush out the unwanted object.

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